About me

A Home of Friendship

“I wish SaraCirone.com could be a shared space. In this way, people could gather and be held together by the positive value of friendship.

SaraCirone.com is my blog. It has been created to talk about the economical, environmental and social Sustainability in relation to the entrepreneurial, civic and local world.

This is SaraCirone.com. Today it aims to become much more.”

People are in the focus of SaraCirone.com: my commitment aims at supporting the value of the human being and every single person. This ideal is fulfilled in concrete projects, because I think that giving our contribution to the improvement of civilization is essentially important.

Our territory is the dimension we would firstly like to start from: then, our goal is the world. Communication is possible when we are aware of our identity. Therefore, with this necessary condition, our message can be understood.

Sara Cirone

My origins are from Abruzzo. I was born in Pescara on the 16th of January 1971. The circumstances of my life have led me to Emilia-Romagna: the territory where I live.

I think my humanistic education has been crucial to determine my identity: I completed it in Bologna, where I obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Classical Literature at the local University.

Afterwards, I directed all my efforts to further improve my education with more technical studies. I obtained a Master’s degree in Management and Development of Human Resources, another MBA Master, an advanced training course in Marketing at the Department of Political Science of Bologna and a Master in Advanced PNL.

Once I completed my educational process, I reached the awareness of my identity. That was the right moment when I was able to figure out my dive into reality, accepting the contact with the world around for me. The human being has always been the focus of my interests and of my reflections. For this reason, when my professional activity started in 2002, I worked as a consultant in Human Resources Management and Change Management.

Subsequently, it was the moment to enter the entrepreneurial world. I was first Director of Human Resources (2006-2008), then General Manager (2008-2010), Board Member in 2009, and by 2011 CEO of Stafer Spa Faenza (Ra).

My strong commitment in the improvement of the social reality we live in has led me to become a member of the Executive Board of CONFINDUSTRIA Romagna and i have recently founded with my friends a Community that take my name: SaraCironeGroup – Business Responsible Evolution.

SaraCirone Group is our contribution to civilization, through our attention and positively active commitment. Its vocation aims at a responsible evolution, heading for a shared wellbeing with respect to the companies and their territories.