The 2017 IIRC Convention and the Intangibles

“Unlocking value for future-fit organizations” is the 2017 IIRC Convention taking place in Amsterdam on 12th and 13th October. We will be present at this event. We will be present at this event.



The International Council for the Integrated Report (IIRC) is made up by a global coalition of regulators, investors, companies, standard setters, accounting professionals and NGOs.

It aims at communicating the know-how with respect to the companies’ creation of value as a necessary evolutionary step in corporate reporting. The fundamental instrument to reach this purpose is the Integrated Report as an affirmed business practice in both the private and public sector.


The Theme of the Event

The main theme of the event will be the latest developments of a fundamental instrument in humanistic management: the Integrated Report. This will be considered as a guarantee of well-being for all those companies where it represents a significant element in a strategically relevant approach.

In the international frame of private and public organizations, participants will have the occasion to note the Integrated Report as an already undertaken practice constantly enhanced. We will listen to those contributions and testimonies of many organizations which have already made the choice to draw up their own Integrated Report. In fact, 60 companies all over the world have already adopted this innovative instrument as a valuable support to their future corporate strategies.


The Integrated Report and Humanistic Management

Companies elaborate the Integrated Report as a yearly document in order to integrate their own reporting with their financial, environmental and social performances. The Integrated Report aims at communicating all these information to the companies’ external stakeholders.

Therefore, the Integrated Report makes tangible and effective the fact that every company does not originate and develop only in an economic and financial context, but it actually does it in a social system where environment and its natural and human resources play a specific role. In fact, every company is a part in strict connection with this system: they exchange vital and significant elements as well as re-elaborated feedbacks created through every company’s performances. Such  interpretation of each company allows an evolutionary perspective of this institution giving value to transparency as a privileged corporate practice to pursue.

Therefore, in this respect, every company exchanges meanings with its surrounding environment and is also responsible for practising a transparent communication addressed to the corporate reporting of value-creation.


The Integrated Report: the Answer to a Change

Nowadays, the Integrated Report is an instrument created and developed to answer to a new necessity. In fact, we all know today citizens, institutions and enterpreneurs are evolving their awareness in respect of intangibles: these ones are definitively and completely part of the world where we live and create value for man’s life.

The new approach to forms and institutions of which man is part of aligns companies to the social system in the way to facilitate and bring companies to a social evolution. Each person is part of a company: in the end, by evolving themselves, everyone drives his own company – one of the most important institutions we are part of – towards an evolution.

This is what is meant under the term companies’ social evolution. This is the companies’ orientation towards social systems. The humanistic management contributes to its achievement. Intangibles (among which integrated reporting) are an essential part of this approach.

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