A Company Social Charity Event

img_2571According to common sense, company is a place where professional experiences, goals and strategies, results are shared. The company is the place of competition and performance, essentially the most part of people think the company is where one goes exclusively to “work.” Beyond the latter tautology: “company is working”, I believe company is first of all an ideal place of living together (from the Latin “convivium”, cum + vivere).

This is, in my opinion, the structural nature of work: being together, sharing experiences and professional, but also human, skills. It is exactly referring to concepts of living together and humanity you can recall the initiative last Saturday 15th October, when the company was the scene of a social lunch to raise funds to help people involved in the earthquake occurred this year in the Centre of Italy.

It was an important moment because it aggregated the company’s workers with the aim to live an experience of great humanity in the factory. Once again the company has been a social theatre, a moment of virtuous aggregation, not ending in itself, but of great humanitarian impact: a corporate community aggregating in an extra working in a totally voluntary way (the employees were themselves the promoters and organizers and also the ones to realize the lunch menu) to make it a clear choice and a concrete act together.

On this special day, another key step towards corporate social innovation was fulfilled with the spontaneous initiative of workers and their families joined together in a moment of community sharing: having a meal to help those populations who are facing moments of discomfort and – in this “exchange of humanity” or we could say “co-generation” – we have found true values, positive feelings, a virtuous and contagious joy of a recovered society…





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