Alessandro Curti and his company CURTI – Mechanical Engineering A local company with a brilliant destiny in the global world

Meeting YouFM 2018

The history of the Curti company began in a distant past.  

In the city of Imola, in 1955, the entrepreneur Libero Curti founded the business company Curti with the name O.M.P.I. (Officina Meccanica di Precisione Imola). Since then, when the business company realized parts for textile and agricultural machines and employed around ten workers, the business company has expanded until the new facilities in Castel Bolognese, in 1968, were of adequate size.

The commitment of the business company to the continuous enhancement in coherence to increasingly competitive and global markets is evident in its new products, innovative methodologies, certifications, collaborations and diversification of products.

Curti and its values

The Curti Business Company is based on strong values, authentic milestones that guide all the corporate processes. People are at their centre: everyday their unique contribution and their precious competences are the initial point for commitment and passion.  

The Company Curti offers its consistency with a continuous and increasing growth derived from its corporate vision and its highly diversified business, to these people and to the external world of its stakeholders.

Curti and sustainability

The Curti business company is constantly updating its commitment for the sustainability in the social and business world. Particularly, the research and development area in the Curti business company is always actively researching for products and solutions for human beings in the perspective of a possible future and people-oriented world: energy, recycling, food wasting are only a few examples of sustainable and highly innovative projects. We will discuss them in the upcoming meeting of next 24th May.





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