At EXPO the "Day of Sustainable Tourism" is performed

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September 9th, 2015 – In the workshop hall of Cascina Triulza, today in the late afternoon the Day of Sustainable Tourism will take place: it is organized by ONMEST 2 (Open Network for Mediterranean Sustainable Tourism) and by PLEF with the support of the five companies of Romagna (Curti, Stafer, Erbacci Group, Mpr and Zerocento) which gave life to the project “Il Senso Ritrovato”, permanently present at Milan EXPO. Giorgio Erbacci (in the photo below – President of Erbacci Group) will introduce the day, then a moment dedicated to the presentation of the activities of ONMEST 2 organization will follow. It aims at putting in contact and to promote to the international tourism those less known or considered at risk destinations which could have a great tourist potential.  This first part will be followed by an experiential phase in order to illustrate culture, tastes and colours of the countries promoted by ONMEST 2 (Jordan, Greece, Italy – Sicily, Lebanon, Palestine, Spain and Tunisia). On the occasion, a delegation of the Municipality of Faenza headed by the Major Giovanni Malpezzi will be present.





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