Budget Oscar 2018: to Stafer Spa the award for the Best Italian Integrated Report

Oscar di Bilancio 2018

Press release of 28 November 2018

Budget Oscars 2018 were assigned on Wednesday 28 November in the Auditorium of the Bocconi University in Milan, an initiative promoted by Ferpi, Italian Federation of Public Relations, with Borsa Italiana and the Bocconi University, that since 1954 rewards the most virtuous reporting companies and attention for the stakeholder.
The Jury, which is made up of the members of the most important sector associations (AIAF, AIIA, ANDAF, Assogestioni, Soul for the social in Corporate Values, Sodalitas Foundation, Nedcommunity, Certified Public Accountants and Accountants of Milan), has chosen finalists among 120 nominations of several companies and institutions of national importance and different proportions (Eni, Pirelli, Terna, Hera), divided into 7 categories and 2 special awards.
One of them is the “Special Award – Best Integrated Report” given in partnership with the NIBR (Italian Network of Business Reporting) and the IIRC (International Integrated Reporting Council), won by Stafer Spa, the company in Faenza which produces and commercialises systems and solutions for the rolling shutters.  Stafer won at the second place tied with Unicredit in 2017. In this edition, the second one where the Special Award is given, the company of Romagna won the highest step of the podium with Unipol Group.
Sara Cirone, the Managing Director, states “A pleasant surprise which confirms the work quality and the right way travelled by our company over the years. An award for our new way to consider and to run the company.”
The Integrated Report is a kind of financial report of the tangible and intangible elements of the company and of its ability to create value, and it is increasingly becoming important as reference trend in running and reporting of company.  A not common choice for a PMI and which is honourable, as acknowledged by the motivation of the Award. Andrea Ragazzini, Chief Value Officer of Stafer, claims: “ The Integrated Reporting process started in 2016 by Stafer and pursued in 2017 reflects the holding commitment in highlighting its own history of making value and wants to give a multi-capital perspective presentation which is clearer and more exhaustive than the traditional forms of reporting. We thank NIBR for its important support and its cultural incentives in this way.”
Sara Cirone concludes by saying: “ The added value this award can give back the small and medium-sized companies like Stafer is of grate significance. All the companies are facing these issues for an innovative corporate culture that is able to create beneficial effects for the companies and the areas in which they act.”
It is possible to download the Integrated Report of 2017 of Stafer from the site in the News section (www.stafer.com).

Motivations of the Award
“Stafer produced a complete, concise document that is easy usable with distinctive elements of reporting, not usual for a PMI. The integrated approach stands out by the using of financial-economic means also in sustainable framework, for example the strategic map and the process of value creation. Really appreciated is the “three-dimensional” analysis of materiality.






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