Children and their Territory…

The children of summer centre of Tennis Club of Faenza make us reflect on the importance of educating to certain values the next generations. When I refer to “certain values” I mean firstly to solicit children to confer a cultural value to their roots and to avoid considering their context of birth only as a mere fact. For this reason, we invited children to artistically express the beauties of the territory of Faenza as an exercize of reflection and recognition of a shared culture and, at the same time, to preserve their spontaneous aesthetic and creative sense through the free and personal interpretation of the meaning, according to these little artists, of “The love for territory”. I believe in the fundamental importance of recognizing and preserving one’s own identity because I am convinced that only in this way one can communicate to the world. The theme of the competition, that is “The Love for Territory”, subtends this sustainable vision as “loving” our own territory also implies its respect: this is the message new generations should learn. Understanding how to protect the territory around them they can act in the interest of the global ecosystem, but – not only – they can comprehend the deep value of social sustainability, conceiving it precisely as a principle to safeguard local communities and the goodwill which here originates and lives, so they can contribute to emprove the society itself every day.





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