“What kind of world are we going to transmit to the future generations?” This question, made by S.E. Mons. Lorenzo Ghizzoni, Archbishop of Ravenna-Cervia, opened the third step pf the roadshow “For the common Good” organised by Sara Cirone Group Benefit Society in partnership with the Federation of the diocesan weekly magazines of Emilia-Romagna, that aims to a participatory reflection on how to create sustainable processes in our territory. The third step, titled “The City for all. Biodiversity and breakdown of society”, after the greetings of the Archbishop and the introduction to the issue by Sara Cirone, continued with the speeches of Michele De Pascale, Mayor of Ravenna, Paola Pluchino, expert Biologist on territory and environment, Paolo Gueltrini, Agronomist landscaper, moderated by Daniela Verlicchi, Director of the diocesan weekly magazine Risveglio2000.

The loyal cooperation between generations
The starting point of the discussion was the issue of the loyal cooperation between generations. Starting from the words of Papa Francesco in his Laudato Sì, where the Pope connects the social justice, the attention to the poor to the environmental protection in what is known as “integral ecology”, mon. Ghizzoni underlined the issue of the relationship between the social condition of man and the fragility of our planet: they are strictly connected and he hoped that all the subjects of the civil society and all those having politic responsibilities resume these issues to elevate the public discussion and to study concrete solutions in order to protect the common house.

Work in systemic way for sustainability
This is the same goal of the roadshow and of the Sara Cirone Group Benefit Society, as the speech of the founder has underlined, pointing out that about the issue of the inter-generationality and intra-generationality intersect all the aspects concerning sustainability and it is the responsibility of all the subjects who are part of the territory to act in a systemic way for the quality of the life of our territories. The Benefi Society founded by Sara Cirone, through the implementation of innovative business models, has the mission to spread a business model oriented to a sustainable future, where companies, institutions and societies act together, in harmony, for the development of the territory.

The city as living organism
Resuming the main issue of the step of Ravenna of the series of meetings, Biologist Paola Pluchino compared the city to a living organism, where it’s often difficult for the circulation to reach the peripheries, a being “with a big mouth which swallows up energy, food and materials” and that often wastes and produces large quantities of waste, wastewater, refusal that are brought in remote areas or in the peripheries of the cities and that have consequently an environmental and social degradation, with serious implications in terms of security, social unrest and health. According to the Biologist, the serious problem of cities and of administrations is that the management plans of the cities don’t speak to each other, resulting in problems of sustainability. So, we need a systemic view to ensure the implementation of a model of circular economy, where the waste take a social and economic value. The living City is the title of the Paola Pluchino’s book about this theme.

Plan to accompany the development
The Mayor of Ravenna, Michele De Pascale, underlined that it’s important to think on a global scale, in order to keep from running into serious mistakes about ecology: by thinking about the invasive industrial productions, he pointed out that they are the basis for a kind of “neo-colonialism” that brings the waste harmful of these productions in other Countries of the world. So, it’s necessary a planning activity and a call to the personal responsibility to face the contradictions that the development often brings with it and to ensure that the actions are equitable as possible for everyone. So, it’s necessary a planning that is able to accompany the development and to make our way of life sustainable, trying to increase the awareness and the participation of persons so that the solidarity between the generations can be a really reachable aim.

Raise awareness to protect the common house
Paolo Gueltrini, Agronomist landscaper, started from the unwelcome conclusion that we are facing a prevailing mentality which is increasingly insensitive, that produces always environmental and social devastations for matters of personal and private interest. We need to work from the ground to raise awareness the rulers, the entrepreneurs, the citizens to get into detail in order to respect the environments, the spaces. This is a duty of all for the protection of the common house.
The same common house that Papa Francesco holds dear and for its protection he will meet the young economists and entrepreneurs the 26-28 March 2020 in Assisi during the event The economy of Francesco, that common house that is precondition to think about posterity and civilisation.






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