For a Humanistic Management: the Corporate Welfare

unnamed-7The humanistic management is a new management which focuses on resources. It preserves them and is oriented by them; it makes them grow and not diminish: it is social innovation.

There is thus a new symbolic, cultural and human heritage. Community, territory, culture are not just words, but tangible realities that are part of management as experience.

By affirming this is also possible the company is not only the place of production, but it is a context, a possibility, a real experience. The company is the place where life opportunities, growth and awareness are practised.

The exercise of responsibility is fulfilled with the choice of management. It can be addressed to do something which is not different, but which has the person at its centre. Therefore, so many choices become possible to be practised. The actions become aware and oriented to the growth of a sensitivity towards ourselves, the environment, the symbolic context to which we refer.

On the last November 9th 2016, the Compagnia delle Opere, the Emilia-Romagna section, organized an afternoon of meetings, discussions and insights for its members of the business world: in this event CDO WORKER, through concrete examples of how to put into practice social innovation, at the strategic company level, I talked of the choice of adopting sustainability as a perspective that makes possible the harmony between participation, environment, community, listening, training, responsibility, social commitment.

The interventions of Giancarlo Funaioli (President Volabo), Roberto Horn (CDO for work), Marco Masi (President CDO Educational Works), during the meeting, from different perspectives and points of view, stressed the importance to communicate the choice of being people in a world of people and to embrace a humanistic management oriented to the welfare as an integrated concept of global development.

The development is a choice and, for this reason, should be acted and chose. Who chose it? Managers who are in the condition to give an address to the companies. What are the values that count in their choices? The well-being and welfare for the community and for everything exists as well as the attention to people, the commitment and the construction of those intangibles resources that make the company a habitat where life pulsates and asks to be listened to.

A Story of Membership and Identity

The corporate welfare is an instrument of civilization because it is really able to combine together business and needs of people.

The company is changing its nature and becomes increasingly a community of people who share aspects of work and, in this way, meets their living needs. Moreover, a request for satisfaction of special needs of both social and economic nature outlines increasingly. They find in corporate welfare their practical response and a growth perspective.

The dialogue of the last Wednesday, November 9th, was precious as it evaluates real possibilities of the company in favour of persons, life, values. Moreover, it especially opens the prospect of tomorrow.





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