Here is the 2018 YOUFM Convention!

The 2018 YOUFM convention entitled “Circular Economy: a sustainable economic development”  will take place at the Rete 7 Gold tv studios on May 24th and will focus on the themes of economic, environmental, social sustainability in the world of business companies.

After the introduction in overture by Carlo Stanzani, CST Member and YOUFM partner, and by Claudia Sabatini, President of Consorzio ColibrìViero Negri, YOUFM Network Manager, will present the convention with the following interventions of guests and speakers:


Sara Cirone, Founder of the Benefit Company Sara Cirone Group

Curti, CEO of Curti Costruzioni Meccaniche SpA

Paolo di Marco, Adjunct Professor, School of Economics, Management and Statistics at the University of Bologna

Andrea Segrè, President of CAAB (Food Farming Centre in Bologna) and President of the FICO Foundation for Food and Sustainability Education

YOUFM, acronym of Unconventional Facility Management, is a network of business companies that share the same mission (the adhesion to a responsible and sustainable business behaviour) and a multiplicity of professional experiences (that constitute the real possibility of growth and evolution of the network itself).

About the Benefit Company SARA CIRONE GROUP
This year, the concept of the event inaugurates an important partnership with the New-Co and  Benefit Company Sara Cirone Group. Its social object is both the shared benefit and the activity of consulting, which is addressed to sustainability and non-financial accounting for business companies, public adminininstrations, Associations, Foundations and Benefit Companies or business companies that aim to become Benefit Companies. Sara Cirone Group contributes to a sustainable development of the community and to the creation of a virtuous circle between strategy, enhancement of cultural, human, natural resources and business-making.


The network as a creation of opportunity

The YOUFM network introduces the real possibility of mutual promotion for excellent business companies in view of a progressive and continuous enhancement of the corporate quality and efficiency in a sustainable perspective. Besides the economic value, a cultural and social value, reputation of trust and reliability for the clients and stakeholders are created.

A virtuous example

In the YOUFM network, the business companies share some fundamental resources such as the knowledge of their own territory, the care for professionalism, the style of service, the excellence in the relation with clients, an ethical approach, the central role of the client and the people working in the business companies of the network, the diffusion of the economic, social and civil culture, in the respect of the ethical values of transparency, coherence, honesty and equity.

The Scientific Commitee

This year the Convention Scientific Commitee is a real innovation: Sara Cirone, Paolo Di Marco, Averardo Orta e Viero Negri are its members. This represents an innovative evolution of this event in a cycle of follow-up meetings during the year: they are addressed to a positive sharing of the everyday work within the business companies and a sharing of the scientific research on the emerging and important themes for the future of civilization to the territory and its citizens.





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