"Il Senso Ritrovato": third event at EXPO 2015

On Saturday, June 13th, the third event of the project “Il Senso Ritrovato” occurred. This time, Roberto Rondinelli, President of Mpr Integrated Communication, one of the 5 sponsors (the others are Curti, Stafer, Erbacci Group and Zerocento) which support the Project promoted by PLEF Foundation, opened the day of Health, which took place in the Pavilion of the Civil Society of EXPO 2015, located in Cascina Triulza. The event, curated by SICC (Italian Association of Chemicals and Cosmetics Sciences), regarded sensorial experimentation and respectful purchase of cosmetic products. In the hall of the conferences, visitators got curious about the sensorial path suggested by the Studio Rigano and by TVS Network: it estabilished, among other tests, an analysis of the energetic condition of the skin. In the auditorium of Cascina Triulza, after the intervention and presentation of the patron of Mpr, cosmetologist Luigi Rigano took stock of the situation of the present and future cosmetic chemistry: “The paradox – Rigano pointed out – is that cosmetic products are chosen for what they do not contain and not for what they contain”. At the end of the intervention, Micheal Capozzi, topped the day by setting the stage, in the frame of EXPO, for his show “Vie. One Man Silent Show”.





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