In Reggio Emilia to talk about Corporate Social Responsibility

In Reggio Emilia, in the Palace of the Chamber of Commerce, yesterday afternoon the forum on Corporate Social Responsibility, organized by the Provincial Laboratory of Reggio Emilia, took place with the collaboration of the same organization for the enterprises of Ravenna. The animator of the event, Walter Sancassiani of Focus Lab, after the greetings of the host Stefano Landi, President of the Chamber of Commerce of Reggio Emilia, started illustrating several reports about the good RSI practices experienced and carried out by enterprises of the territory, of the Lombardia and of the province of Ravenna. In this way, Gabriele Nicolini of InterPuls S.p.A., Rossella Sobrero of Koinètica, Morena Diazzi of the Emilia-Romagna Region interviewed in order to expose their projects of RSI. Among the others, I personally presented the STAFER case as virtuous enterprise in the activities of Social Corporate Responsibility, which can be also defined, with a more comprehensive term, Responsibility of the territory.
The program of the event
Progr Lab RSI RE 4 giugno 2015





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