Innovation, Development and Responsibility: the "Cinema in Stafer"

12373298_1686674701616751_2662476486795380304_nLast Monday, in the evening, in the Stafer plant, for the first time in a business context, the movie of Thomas Torelli, Un altro mondo (“Another World”) was projected. We can find the significance of this projection in the same greeting of Maya which was told within this movie: “I am you, you are me”, a greeting that can awaken the consciousness and the awareness we are part of a larger ecosystem and of a whole and indissoluble, as the words of the Greek philosopher Plotinus stated. The Earth is our Great Mother, feeds us with resources that can remain inexhaustible if we make a reasonable use of them.

Starting from the business context, this vision can be spread through people who are essential part of it and, when this item will be as widespread as possible, then we can build responsibly together a more respectful world towards others and the Earth. The company is the ideal setting to create a spirit of cohesion and sharing: people in the company become more aware they can work together if they pursue common goals. This determining factor for a company is the only guarantee of continuity in the future.

Working in groups, but preserving the ability of individuals: in every social context people are characterized by their uniqueness; first of all because they “live” and this spirit of egalitarianism and participation in a common project (“life”) continues into the workplace in a company. In a company, first of all, every day people “live” and then they work, they are together and participate responsibly in a common project “living by exploiting the talents of each of us to achieve the common goal of business continuity”. Everyone of us possesses personal capacity which are not repeatable: the task of the company is to identify and highlight those talents.

Everyone of us possesses ten talents and, if you see well, the work in the company is, in this sense, the test of human capacity because every day offers us little or large challenges which are overcome thanks to that intellectual and practical heritage that everyone of us possesses and that we could call “competence.”

In the movie these concepts are not just philosophical or mystical, but especially scientific, so much that quantum physicists, as well as historians and theologians, come to the same conclusions from seemingly different premises; they give us a valid and effective witness: you can live in the awareness we can and must build together a better world making our contribution in daily life. We can be part of a new world or simply of “Another World”!

The documentary suggested us to practise the effort to give back to future generations a better planet than the one we found.

Over time, the contribution each of us can give right from the working context can improve the world, so future generations will find a healthy world, and, in turn, they will do their best to preserve it. What parent would not leave his children a better world?

Similarly, man should behave towards the Earth: declining its exploitation and understanding instead what is around us is not different, but it is the result of a unique and harmonious vibration.






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