Leonardo Milani and the Inner Leadership

4th March 2017. Leonardo Milani is the Mental Trainer of the Frecce Tricolori Acrobatic National Team, but not only this. He is a psychologist, a teacher and a coach.

Today he talks about the inner leadership and teaches us how to organize our mind in the perspective of our personality and self-development. This way, we can head for the positive result of our actions.

Our lives are crossed by thoughts and actions which are naturally subsequent to our thoughts. We must constantly practise actions: decisions and choices are up to us. In this sense, when we perform our leadership, our ability to carry out actions is expressly needed: “excellence”, Leonardo Milani explains to us, occurs when our inner attitude makes us feel at our best. This fact leads us to choose the successful action positively aimed at our goal.


Free will makes us free to choose: our decision entirely depends on our mental attitude (will or emotion). Therefore, what actually differs under the same circumstances is our mental attitude. The analysis of the problem makes us consider the causes and search for the alternative behaviours to put in practice: what saves our mental energy and makes us highly efficient is this self-reflective attitude. If we can organise our mental state, we are capable to choose the functional actions that work in the reality.

Well-being and Equilibrium

A company is where people’s actions have to take place: we can then understand the vital importance of well-being in the mental state of people and, more specifically, of the leader. However, what do we intend for well-being? Milani explains us our mind is a healthy complex system only when it does not waste energies uselessly, but saves them to choose and address our behaviour towards successful actions. Every time we allow non-prioritary situations to disturb our mental equilibrium we are losing excellence in our actions. This fact leads us to a holistic vision where each element contributes to the whole system: well-being is achieved through harmony.

People and Authenticity

Everyone is the result of his own self-awareness, of other people’s thoughts and of his own experience. All this contributes to forge our convictions which can become our limits and the cage of our minds. However, as Milani illustrates, we can change this fact. For example, we should allow our equilibrium to be disturbed only by those events which are essential to us because this safeguards our excellence. This way we become authentic as we can organise our personal excellence by deploying our true identity in a perspective of self-growth and development of other people, too.

Motivations and Awareness

What leads us to become excellent? Not certainly the economical aspect. Milani explains us the emotional motivations which make us become excellent. If we are motivated our mind is in equilibrium and can perform at its best in action. This fact really makes a difference in the approach to the world of economics: the vital importance of the intangible dimensions which are essential to perform a virtuous action. Such are the values that make us excellent: in a personal and a community perspective, we can choose to be persons capable of virtuous actions towards a shared well-being.

Our Values

This inner interpretation of leadership involves all the values that build our perspective to become authentic persons in a sustainable world. We are convinced that action is a fundamental dimension for a responsible choice leading to our well-being also shared by the community around us. True authenticity is possible only in a state of harmony. In fact, our awareness and motivation make us excellent in our performance both towards us and towards others.





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