Seventy Years of Confindustria Ravenna

In occasion of the 70th anniversary of Confindustria Ravenna, on Wednesday, July 17th, in Faenza some events took place and involved Stafer as enterprise which has long been associated with this representative  organization. In the early afternoon of that day, a photographic exhibition of a few local associated enterprises was inaugurated at the Hall of Flags of the Council of Faenza. The new mayor of Faenza Giovanni Malpezzi was present and intervened even in the second event of the day, at the Hall of the Ridotto of the Municipal Theatre Masini, where the official initiation of the Festival of the Industry of the Values of Enterprise happened and was promoted in occasion of the anniversary, too. The interventions were numerous and interspersed by readings of texts of Calabrò by the actor and monologist Roberto Mercadini. Starting from the institutional interventions as the ones of Tomaso Tarozzi, vice-president of Confindustria of Ravenna, and Claudio Casadio, President of the Province of Ravenna, the floor was then given to the world of industry: the heads of CISA Allegion, the President of Bucci Group Massimo Bucci, the engineer Alessandro Curti for Curti Industrie Meccaniche,  who also introduced the project “Il Senso Ritrovato” presented at EXPO 2015 and involving his enterprise, together with Stafer, Gruppo erbacci, Zerocento and Mpr.






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