February 24th, 2015 –
Stafer S.p.a., the leader manufacturer of mechanical roller shutters, will be exhibiting at R+T Stuttgart fair from 24th to 28th of February.
The stand “House Stafer” will project the company of Faenza in the one that is considered the most important showcase in the world in the sector of roller shutters, gates and sun protections.
The realization of this space exhibition has been made possible thanks to several partnerships undertaken with the locally active entities in the province of Ravenna: the PLEF Foundation, Tavar, the ceramist Mirta Morigi, the sculptor Michele D’Aniello, the association The work of the farmers, Ancarani winegrowers, the farm Cà ad là and the agency of Integrated Communication MPR. Within the stand, images of the park Bucci, as beautiful as the great Italian parks, of Faenza and the ceramic workshop Morigi live, in the story of the territory where Stafer works every day.
«”Stafer House” is a great opportunity to celebrate the Italian spirit and especially our region, within a context of global reach.» Sara Cirone said. She is the Managing Director of Stafer and Regional Manager of PLEF, the Foundation which promotes sustainability in the management of business dynamics in full compliance with citizens’ expectations.
Stafer S.p.A. was founded in 1960 and for over 50 years has been promoting the Made in Italy quality worldwide. At present, the company is an established reality in the metalworking and mechanical engineering industry thanks to a continuous technological innovation and a strong focus on issues of sustainability such as energy saving and certification of buildings.
Sara Cirone AD Stafer





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