"Subjectivity and Democracy" meeting in Cervia

Cervia – In these days the sixth spring meeting entitled “Subjectivity and Democracy. Group Game and Simulation” is taking place. It is organized by AIDP (Italian Association of Personnel Directors). Today, March 27th, and tomorrow, March 28th, 2015, at the Dante Hotel Club in Cervia, a simulation of a kind of political action, of a decision and subsequent implementation is being performed. The main themes of these days will be “Representation and Representativeness”, “Wishes and Needs into Civilian and Work Life” and “Citizens or Subjects, Employees or People”?
The conference program consists of a proposal for a simulation of a community who elects a parliament, a president of the conference, a head of a government from which a government and a range of proposed, discussed and approved or rejected initiatives derive. The meetings will be conducted by a jury of five persons, who will attend the meetings of the five groups-parties in a non executive way.
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