The Company under a Different Viewpoint: a House Organ in Stafer

HO_STAFER_02-09-2016_FotorWhen you talk of tools in order to encourage the participation and involvement of employees in their companies we can refer to the House Organ.

It is a periodic business publication that updates workers describing all the realized activities of the company, the future plans and the medium-term objectives to be achieved. In this way, the House Organ, if well realized, participates to encourage the flow of information through the departments.

In my opinion, a House Organ should go beyond the purely “vertical” information, such as “the company informs …”, but – above all – it should contain useful information and news and also suggestions and articles written by the workers themselves, then it should be an instrument of the community of the company and, for this reason, it should be composed by an internal committee representing all persons.

The ideal House Organ should also create the best balance between internal and external informative updates, reporting the relevant facts about what happens in their own territory: this aspect should always be present for those involved in implementing and disseminating these business periodicals.

We live in a world where it is very easy to receive information and yet we are misinformed, as Pope Francisco stated some time ago: “Oddly enough, we have never had more information than now, but we still do not know what actually happens.”

Therefore, a well realized House Organ should be able to stimulate reflection and debate.

On this basis, in STAFER we have created an editorial proposal to represent the “life” in the company able to catch the beating heart of our productive vitality.

“Light” is the title of this editorial initiative to emphasize the company VISION: “The natural light as a resource to meet human needs in the environment in which people live and work”, as well as its MISSION: “Developing systems for help people to make the best use of natural light. “

A House Organ as “Light” represents our social innovation and a vibrant presence in this territory as a standard-bearer of that Corporate Responsibility which has as its goal to improve the quality of life and work within the production context, without neglecting the integration with the local community, which plays a key role not only to identify the company, but also to make it evolve.

Therefore, “Light” will be the instrument to relate and contribute to the evolution of a company that, for many years, has committed to transmit positive values for people.

Is it possible to work and manage to have fun at the same time? Yes, it is. STAFER is seriously committed in this aim. Homegrown initiatives of recent years bear witness of this and the development of the project of “Light” goes in this direction, too.

In conclusion, “Light” aims to be first and foremost a means of cohesion and unity: in order to share a common project, the initial need is to share a common culture and this information sheet which today has been inaugurated represents another step in this direction.





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