The real possibility of “Changing”


The impressions left by the press conference held this morning at the International Museum of Ceramic of Faenza. In my opinion, it has represented an excellent occasion in order to strenghten the spirit of cohesion of the group of enterprises which will participate to EXPO 2015 in Milan as sponsors of the project “Il senso ritrovato” promoted by PLEF.

With me, also the other main protagonists of the involved enterprises were present: Giorgio Erbacci, Alessandro Curti, Arianna Marchi and Roberto Rondinelli, who introduced their sustanaible projects.

Being present at the Universal Exhibition does not only represent an important business opportunity, but – most of all – a real possibility to testify, even if in a world of enterprises which is deeply materialistic, the possibilty to create value by taking care of the territory and of the people who give life to it. 

In fact, people are the most precious resource for an enterprise and, only by acting with the aim of reaching their welfare and the respect for the environment around us, we can finally affirm we have provided our contribute to the sustainibility and, with this, we have also contributed to help and find again a sense  in our actions that can be ethically oriented.





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