The Spirit of Romagna. The Stories of Ugo

img_4332_fotorIdentity and Image of a Territory
When we think of our territory we think of where we, you or the others, too, can recognize those unique characteristics able to let us know our territory is exactly this: the one we all know and which reveals to others, too.
Talking about this is talking about Romagna and talking about Romagna is considering those peculiar features of identity which are in relation and belong only to Romagna. They make of it the region everyone knows with a specific identity, built through images and narrations. If it is true that identity gets expressed through an image, then it is also true that Romagna communicates itself and gets transmitted through an image: the one built through all the repertoire and heritage of events and stories which became alive there. In Romagna, they find not only a frame, but also the essence and the motivation to be what they actually are.
Therefore, the identity of our territory expresses into two levels, which are essentially deep motivations, which make us feel to belong to a specific territory, and the image, which at the same same time gets communicated. Every time an identity expresses to belong to an image, everything corresponds in harmony and perfect synthony. Therefore, we can say the identity is strong and universally understandable.
Our way to look at our territory is exactly this one: the one able to recognize a coherent, strong and efficacious identity. This one can be communicated and comprehended by the social actors which find in Romagna a point of reference in order to attribute unique qualities one can find only there.
For this very reason, during the strategic positioning of local companies, we managed to search and determine in a selective and participated way those unique characteristics which can be considered exclusive forces belonging only to our territory. Among these distinctive elements, we agreed the spirit of Romagna is absolutely essential and can be defined as a lifestyle without comparison in Italy, as joy of living, love for sociality, for music, for dance and for quality cooking.
The Spirit of Romagna in a Book: the Stories of Ugo
If the spirit of Romagna expresses an identity, a way to be and an essence, at this point what is necessary is to have an image which can correspond to it. Therefore, we should narrate and tell it in order to communicate this specific and exact identity. This consideration is true in general and, in this case, our attention finds the ways in which our territory can be shared with people who will recognize to it unique and original characteristics: the same we perceive and feel as its own every time.
Among the many ways one could tell and follow for this very purpose to create a narration of identity of the territory, we would like to choose one and discuss together about it. We can find a direction by reflecting on this.
The book written by Germano Savorani Stories of Ugo could be symbolical and effective to start.
A Story Started in the Media
In syntony with our times, with our means of communication, the Stories of Ugo originated in the social media. They were virtual at their beginning, they were expressions of the network society, as integrant and vital part of our way to be here and there, getting lost in the inconsistency of the net. Sometimes, it happens also the immateriality can turn into materiality: those virtual stories became finally reality, printed on paper and with a concrete existence, so much to be collected in a publication, which passes from one to another. With the interest and the curiosity, at the same time, to touch with senses in a tangible way that virtual narration which has already fascinated and found enthusiastic agreements.
Who Ugo Actually is
Germano or Ugo? Ugo or Germano? Different identities even though correspondent. However, if you think of it, it happens everyday to ourselves, too. We are in a certain version of us in some occasions. Duty called us and we must perform our roles, in the everyday life. The social side of ourselves, the one everybody knows, with shirt, jacket and clothes of the public person we are.
Therefore, our other side. It can be similar or not to this public person. It is, anyway, the other side, the one is conformed only to spontaneity, the one where we are authentic and emerge without filters, for what we are, with no one who can judge ourselves from our acts, where we can draw freedom, as source and resource of what we want to be when we can be ourselves.
Therefore, Germano and Ugo are almost the same person. In author’s opinion, time has come to set Ugo and this side kept with reins for so many years free, to tell the adventures of Ugo: they are various and colourful, they are stories and – like all stories – they are pleasant and fantastic to be listened.
The Spirit of Romagna
Therefore, reading the Stories of Ugo, we see something different getting concrete through the narration. We can perceive it latent then we can distinguish it as vibrating and absolutely true: in the form of energy, authentic and own spirit of the text.
We can feel distinctively the spirit of Romagna. What is exactly the spirit of Romagna? If we would like to define an identity, we can consider its image.
Ugo, at this point, becomes the next door friend, one of us, who everybody knows without really knowing him. For a strange even though real game, he also becomes a familiar and reassuring person. Ugo tells us his stories, but more than stories they are adventures: the spirit of marvel, of the inexplicable, of the surprising lies in them and is able to make us smile, but also to interrupt that rational reasoning which brings us to consider everything as terms and elements of a theorem. Let’s abandon our logic and follow the one of Ugo, let’s set ourselves free: all this is helpful to understand even better the spontaneity of this narration. Travels, summers, levity, simplicity and humour. Typical characters, with joyful features, without negativity. Every story, even though the most dangerous, the saddest, the most serious, turns into something unexpectedly funny and able to entertain and make you smile. Every time we recognize those inevitable qualities able to change every experience into something that is merry, nice, friendly and out of rules. Furthermore, and most of all, the features of who always survives, with smile and force of enthusiasm.
A Restitution
Stories of Ugo is a restitution. It gives the exact and authentic perception to us of what the spirit of Romagna actually is. It is easy to define it with its image, the one we have read. The way to be of a region recognized all over the world for those emerging features of that character belonging to it as much as they belong to its territory. Those features which, if conveniently stimulated, can be transformed into everyday practice to guide the direction and the approach to the world and to life. Therefore, we can see everything is interrelated and the spirit of Romagna is concretised in what Romagna is and acts in the eyes of the world: we would like to add, of what it produces, too.
This book narrates something intangible and, at the same time, connected in an indissoluble way to what the territory actually is. This narration also contributes to restitute an identity transmitted through images. In order to communicate, to spread awareness, to mark a difference and, most of all, an existence.
Savorani, Storie di Ugo, Cesena, Società Editrice «Il Ponte Vecchio», 2016





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