When Food is Good. Well-being within a Company

Good Food

The capability of human beings to transform their fundamental needs in cultural practices is at the basis of the foundations of civilization. The primary need is nutrition, which is common to all the living creatures. However, food has become an aspect of culture for human beings. Therefore, we can affirm good food is the one not only able to allow our nutrition, but also able to produce healthy effects in our organism: it brings us in harmony with ourselves, the others and the global ecology, too. In fact, it is not possible to think we are isolated: we are elements in reciprocal connections in a complex system.


We believe well-being is a shared value concerning all people and including the community where the people usually gather. We like to think of the company as the shared space where well-being is translated into actual practices addressed to everybody. In fact, we know material remuneration should find its completion intangible remuneration: quality of living, cohesion, dignity and value for everyone. The promotion of well-being within our company belongs to this sustainable perspective.

Shared Objectives

This follows the principles expressed in the 17 objectives of the Global Agenda for Sustainable Development approved in the year 2015 by the United Nations and involving all the actions to put into practice before the year 2030.  Our initiative aims at stopping starvation and improve the quality of our nutrition through a sustainable agriculture (sustainable production) for everybody’s health and well-being (sustainable consumption). The education on these themes is essentially important: we provide quality training and inclusive learning addressed to everybody (the corresponding ONU goals are the number 2,3,4,12,15).

The Event

This event aims at exploring all the meanings of the concept of well-being in relation to food.

Well-being as health and safety is the theme debated by the doctor and nutritionist Dr. Roberto Cipriani. A quality diet facilitates and influences our well-being in the working place, too.

Well-being as harmony among the living creatures in the perspective of a sustainable economy addressed to everybody is the main theme of the movieFood ReLOVution. The director Thomas Torelli will introduce his movie before the projection and will debate it at its conclusion.

Well-being as an integration of the local culture within the company and the promotion of sustainability of the farming products of the territory is possible with Italo Graziani’s presentation of the typical local products and the Association Il Lavoro dei Contadini (The Work of the Farmers).

Well-being achieved through the collaboration of companies on the strategical actions aiming at the territorial competitiveness of public administrations and citizens is the story the Mayor of Brisighella Davide Missiroli told us.

Well-being and Responsibility

Today a training on well-being takes place in our company because it is a holistic concept including both ourselves and the others. If we develop an awareness about the possibility of a positive relationship with ourselves and with the others, too, we can collaborate together in producing well-being also for our company. Therefore, the well-being depends on our actions and each of them has its own determined consequence: for this reason we are talking of responsibility. When we choose how to feed ourselves is a matter of responsibility.

We all know well even the responsibility – as well as well-being – is to be holistically intended: we feel good only if our responsibility allows the others, the environment and all the creatures to feel good, too, now and in the future. Our nutrition is based on the consumption of meat and does not allow us to provide for the well-being of all the world of living: it originates in the feeding and transformation industries and the realization of the profit – scientist affirm this – outruns the boundaries of sustainability not reaching its primary aim of the profit. We are responsible with our nutrition choices of inefficiency and negative economical and environmental effects.

The Positive Revolution

What can be the solution? A change is necessary. We should change our behaviours to return to a holistic concept of a shared well-being. A positive revolution, as Torelli explains, is necessary to recover a proper nutritional attitude in harmony with ourselves and with the ecosystem, too. A revolution starting from the micro-dimension and form ourselves.

We may aspire to become responsible people. The right choice is the one incumbent on everyone with the awareness of the effects of our own responsibility. Commitment in the territory, recovering of the local identity and of the community life, synergies and virtuous collaborations among institutions finding their shared value in innovation, within the frame of a potentially sustainable system, with the engagement of everyone of us.

In fact, everything changes and evolves. Therefore, we can change as well this unsustainable system. We can do this only with our actions that descend from our awareness.

Only awareness makes us free to be fully ourselves and act concretely in freedom.





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