At Expo as testimonial of a new way of doing business

Curti, Stafer, Erbacci Group, Mpr and Zerocento support the project “Il senso ritrovato” of PLEF (Planet Life Economy Foundation), cultural participant of Cascina Triulza, the stand of the Civil Society at Expo.
Doing business in a sustainable way, cultivating relationships with the territory in which you work and respecting the environment, in order to create wealth and prosperity not only for the company itself but for the whole society. Here’s what Curti, Stafer, Erbacci Group, Mpr and the cooperative Zerocento have in common. And that’s why these five local companies have chosen to support the project “Il senso ritrovato” of the foundation PLEF (Planet Life Economy Foundation), which will be present with a stand at Hall of the Civil Society of Cascina Triulza of Expo 2015 for the entire duration of the event that begins on Friday, May 1st, in Milan.
Therefore, these local companies will be at Expo as actors and testimonials of a new way of doing business. In fact, PLEF is one of the 60 realities among non-profit organizations, foundations, associations and cooperatives that will make Cascina Triulza the Expo of the third Sector: nearly 8 thousand square meters of internal and external exhibition area, on two levels, within the ones, then, the projects of the five involved companies will be also visible.
Right at the entrance of Cascina Triulza, the stand of PLEF will be a meeting place, to promote the “style” of the company which it proposes (and with that Stafer, Curti, Erbacci Group, Mpr and Zerocento totally agreed) through 12 thematic events (with international guests) that will be organized with the collaboration of many partners of the foundation with monthly intervals during the semester of the exhibition.
The mission of the project, in the midst of the crisis that is affecting businesses and families, is just to find a way of doing business that also takes account of intangible assets, starting from values ​such as sustainability (environmental, social and economic), relationship with the territory, respect for the environment and traditions. Threads to be followed in the complexity of the current economic landscape and that, held together, create wealth and prosperity for everybody. Exactly what the five companies participating to the project act every day for our area. The metaphor of the ball of yarn, symbol of the project “Il senso ritrovato” is just that: stories of enterprise that have interlaced starting from ancient values, ​​but, more than ever, can be actual in order to achieve a volume of exchanges and relations that is good not only for individuals but for the whole society.
These are the values ​​that PLEF promotes since it has been founded in 2003. Planet Life Economy Foundation ( is a non-profit organization with the mission to realize the principles of sustainability (environmental, social and economic) in the dynamics of the management of the enterprise, paying attention to the real needs of citizens and consumers (quality of life, emotion, pleasure and satisfaction). It brings together over than 160 firms, organizations, institutions, research centers and people (and, among them, the five companies involved in the project) which have decided to commit themselves into a development that is truly sustainable. Through a consulting, information and practical activity for companies, PLEF promotes the creation of a new economic and social model (consciousness capitalism) that can create economic, social, environmental value and human occupation, overcoming the opposing arguments of growth or decline. Since 2013 PLEF has been a member of the National Council of the Green Economy, consultative structure of the Ministry of the Environment and Economic Development.





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