At Milan EXPO to Talk about “Sustainable Management”

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On July, 7th, 2015, in the hall of the workshop of Cascina Triulza, the Pavilion of the Civil Society of EXPO 2015, the fifth event of the project “Il Senso Ritrovato” was held. The program of the event was committed to  APCO (Italian Professional Association of Management Consultants) which has organized some important interventions demonstrating a sustainable sensitivity within the operating policies of the enterprises. It was the occasion to put in evidence that being  sustainable within an enterprise represents an opportunity with which enterprises can distinguish themselves in the market: I was particularly referring to an audience  made up also of several management consultants. The attention should be no longer concentrated only on the quality of the product or of the services which an enterprise produces and offers to the market , but – in order to attract the attention of stakeholders – is necessary to create value around the product: this value added to the product is given also by a company ethics, here recovering summarily the report of Bruntland, that acts in the interest of the present and future generations. The creation of material goods is no longer sufficient to enterprises to be competitive, but there is increasingly the  need to create immaterial goods,  value and – last but not least – welfare around the product. The immaterial value of an enterprise, in fact, is not created through the product, but most of all giving the attention to what is around the product: this is the true cultural revolution that the world of enterprises is going through. The enterprise is no longer only an economic institution, not only a context where capital is produced, but it is first of all a space animated by people who put their competences, capacities, passions at the service of the enterprise and what the enterprise should do is to make the talents emerge and give the conditions so that people can work in the best way it is possible. In this view, the resources of the enterprise are the most precious of its immaterial goods and what an enterprise puts in the market is the expression of this anthropocentric sensitivity which is culturally oriented to the welfare of its territory in the widest meaning of the term.






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