Between life and company: culture to eat

Sunday 3rd September 2017. The second edition of the Molino Scodellino’s Creativity Festival has officially been inaugurated with the presence of the Castel Bolognese Councilman of Culture, Giovanni Morini, and Sara Cirone, our territory’s businesswoman. This festival is devised and organized by the Amici del Molino (“Molino’s Friends”) Association, with the presence of its President, Rosanna Pasi.

Many and various are the activities addressed to both adults and children during this day: the interviews for the broadcast of a video, Paolo’s handmade ice-cream, Alfonso Cuccurullo’s creative reading, Bakkibolle’s giant bubbles’ dance, Raffaella Di Vaio’s use of colours, the theatre, the music, Grazia La Naia’s Scherzi di Fate Association’s puppets, Ettore Badiali’s visit to the Molino Scodellino. Furthermore, also Rita Calculli and Caterina Minardi’s “facilitate communication” activity is organized. It is mainly addressed to children with cognitive problems and language dysfunctions.

The involved professional competences are creative, different and multidisciplinary: chemist, archaeologist, teacher, public or private employee, pensioner, businessman / businesswoman, mainly female.

The intangibles culture producing tangible goods

Culture is an intangible resource for mankind, an immaterial asset. However, the most extraordinary fact is that culture can become a tangible asset for a man: in fact, culture is something you can touch every day and eat exactly like a peach, because culture is what man develops in his daily life: the choice of his food, territory, tastes, quality of life; the information he decides to seek and his lifestyle. Culture is a wide field: from literature to scientific discoveries, from art to architecture. Every material aspect of reality narrates also the story of the culture it descends from. It’s a way to survive beyond our time, ourselves and our world. Culture consists  of our gestures and actions.

Culture is part of every person and belongs to everyone indissolubly. It results in individual choices and in the concept of one person itself. Civilization is culture, too. Man’s life is still possible thanks to his culture even in this liquid society of ours. New business also focuses on culture. Culture is the future company in the new economy. This is what we call a new Renaissance.

Why creativity

Man creates through his culture: that is the reason why we are talking of creativity. It is particularly meaningful debating of this fact at the Molino Scodellino, which today is a shared space and a historical testimony of man’s capability to create by using his hands: from manufacture to craftsmanship, from growing plants and gardening to food. Creativity can be interpreted as a positive characteristic emerging from a unique combination: culture and its territory.

Together, culture and its territory are both necessary sources for creativity and for its concrete expression in activities that have been surpassed and set aside by industrial production.

Therefore, creativity can recover experiences from our past and return them back to us for our present life. Furthermore, creativity can give value to people’s competences and local communities and become a scene for their representation, visibility and knowledge. 
We can say as a conclusion that creativity is a holistic field with all human expressions of wit.


Man lives in his territory together with his community: thus the creation of culture is possible as a tangible product deriving from man’s action and awareness. In the same way, culture – as intangible resource – can fulfill harmony in the community and well-being of the territory. This is the reason why Molino Scodellino is important as a space shared by the local community of citizens with their common awareness of the necessity for creativity to help culture. Everyone should give his precious and unique contribution to civilization.





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