Bringing back Life to the Company

The Festival of Culture and Enterprise was held in Faenza last week and was an occasion of comparison between the world of enterprise and the one of culture. Furthermore, it was a way to compare some virtuous realities of the sector of local enterprise. If you listen to the interesting points of view of the ones who participated with me to the workshop of ISIA (Advanced Institute of Artistic Industries): Raffaella Giro (Enterprise Office of Imola and Ravenna), Nicola Facciotto (Local enterprise Kalatà), Roberto Ossani (ISIA Director), Cristina Gorzanelli (Co-designer at Ecomuseum of Milano Sud), Serena Mizzan (Scientific Imaginary), you should have noticed the creation of added value was the leading theme of all the presentations.
The phenomenon which I assisted to was peculiar because the representatives of the active enterprises of the territory talked about culture and sustainability, while the ones who were there to tell about the experience of a great organization dealing with cultural activities and projects presented and reported maily economic information and indicators. What can be initially considered paradoxal is then the empirical demostration of the fact that the immaterial level is overwhelming product and service. The Value is something extremely immaterial that needs to be materialized in order to be understood. Enterprises look at the values as the emotional principle which helps to involve their stakeholders.
This immaterial level, in my opinion, finds a pragmatic proof when is it used in order to create positive energy, cohesion and involvement starting from the territory where an enterprise operates, as all the business witnesses of the event: the relationship with the environment and with the community to which the enterprise belong is the key of the competitive advantage of every organization. The enterprise is not an isolated atom which produces without caring of the context, but, on the contrary, it must be sensitive and careful in order to build its own identity recognising to the territory a crucial role. When different business realities can come together around the same table as today and build welfare and positivity, only in that moment we can create true value for the society and with this we can cancel the solipsism of businesses defending a sterile self-celebrating representation and we will finally bring life back to the enterprise.





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