A pact among companies, economists, researchers, associations and institutions for “ an economy on a human scale against the climate crisis”: this is the Manifest of Assisi, promoted by Symbola and by the Sacred Convent, and that was signed yesterday (the 24 January 2020) in the presence of, among others, premier Giuseppe Conte, the president of Cei, cardinal Gualtiero Bassetti and the president of Confindustria Vincenzo Boccia. We too, members of the Sara Cirone Group Benefit Society, we strongly believe in the manifest of Assisi, and we are dedicated to these issues not only through our daily activity: in fact, since October 2019, we have been continuing a real Roadshow that is touching several Italian towns (Faenza, Imola, Ravenna, Ancona, Forlì, Cesena, Rimini, Bologna, Udine) in order to disseminate the message of the “economy of Francesco” and to raise public awareness.

Over two thousand signers
The Manifest, which has overcome two thousand signers in a short time, is inspired by the Encyclical Laudato Sì of Francis Pope that is at the centre of the reflection and the action of Sara Cirone Group since its inception, that thinks that the way to the future has to go through a new economy, which places at the centre the man and the environment, this integral ecology of which this Manifest is “a point of departure, a compass to build an economy on a human scale” as Gualtiero Bassetti Cardinal has called it.

An ecological conversion for a brighter future
A great challenge for our society, a model of development that places at the centre the man and that is bringer of a really ecological conversion, that is harbinger of the common Good, that removes the culture of waste which today creates deep inequalities and that makes us leaders in the circular and sustainable economy.
In fact, the climate and social crisis can be a great opportunity for a Green Economy which considers our Nation the leader of a modality of services production and provision that is able to make beauty, quality, care of the common house and of the social cohesion a kay factor.
A brighter future is waiting for us, if we will be able to face with this important test which is coming over the horizon: we are convinced of this and that’s what drives us from town to town to promote this new model of economy and that has inspired us to subscribe this manifest.






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