For a widespread well-being.


Friday 20th October 2017 at 10 am the Convegno d’autunno (Autumn Convention) at the Emilbanca branch in Argelato took place.

The argumentations focused on the meaning of money through mankind history  until nowadays, when technocratic and financial processes are the most prevailing. A widespread well-being is what is necessary above all. At the beginning of the last century, Albert Einstein’s discoveries prepared the mathematical, scientific and philosophical basis for this evolution. The scientist deepened and revealed the connections between the time and space dimensions, the qualities of light and of gravitational forces. All this caused a new era for the physics and brought to innovative instruments to understand the equilibrium that rules the universe. Mankind should address himself to this equilibrium to reach a condition of a widespread well-being.

Enzo Spaltro communicated the audience some fundamental issues to reach this condition.

Communities and connections are necessary. Enzo Spaltro talks of those ancient non violent societies that lived in Europe between 7000 and 3500 bC. These societies were organized in peaceful communities where people had an equal value and where the principle of hierarchy was absent. These societies were genuinely democratic with a widespread well-being. With the agricultural revolution, the civilization started fighting for the possession of land. Today the passage to the society of connections occurs. Through the new opportunities offered by connections, the creation of new communities is necessary.

The end of money is necessary. Money leads us to a widespread well-being. Therefore, from well-being to pleasant-being. In the future, according to Enzo Spaltro, citizenship coins will exist and their value will be based on work that is equivalent to time. In the future, money will disappear. Work will gain more importance, but another linguistic expression can be used for work.

In fact, a new language is necessary for exploring the future: the language of the future. If we change language, we can change reality, too. Einstein used a new language to create new concepts.  

The positive contagion is necessary: the contagion of smile. The contagion of music.

Forgiveness is necessary to generate future and to go further.

A change of style is necessary. Inverting the terms is necessary. Pleasure first, then duty.

The awareness that learning is a mystery is necessary. In fact, learning does not only imply a mere transmission of notions to be apprehended in the perspective of an executive and operational knowledge.

Money as a submission

Through a historical excursus, Greta Panini explained to us that money is a multiplier of well-being. Money has replaced the trade practice. In time, money started to create domain and submission processes of man to power. A power that has become totally economic because today private banks have the sovereignty of money and can create it electronically without any limits.

Mankind at the service of economy

Roberta Lasi illustrated that capitalism today has become financial. She explained to us that our economy is not at the service of mankind any more, but it dominates mankind and enslaves him to its financial processes, independent of the world of the living. This financial economy does not generate a widespread well-being, but it helps the creation of new capital in addition to financial circuits. Money has become virtual, unreal, anonym, untracked. Our option is the choice of cooperative banks linked to their territory, communities and people. These banks can create money for the benefit of their territory as well as the well-being of authenticity.

The intangibles and the integrated report for business organizations

We have discussed the importance of integrated report in order to escape this single issue of economic and financial submission. The non-financial accounting of integrated report is required for enterprises. It involves both intangible and immaterial parameters and its subjects are people and their world perfectly expressed and described by intangibles. This report is transparent in respect to what business companies actually put in practice for the creation of community value.

Economy at the service of man and not man at the service of economy

This can be the fundamental ingredient resuming all the recipe for a condition of widespread well-being. In his social evolution, mankind has stumbled. Man had invented economy to be at the service of man, but economy got free of this submission and submitted man. Man has conceived himself at the service of economy. Economy today follows uniquely its own processes.

Re-inverting these concepts is necessary. An inverted order is necessary. All this is necessary to reach a condition of a widespread well-being for civilization.





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