Goal 1 – End poverty in all its forms everywhere

The 2030 UN Agenda 17 goals of Sustainable Development create a worldwide connection which all mankind aims at reaching.

In the world of business companies, citizens and communities can answer together to this call for the development of civilization.

What is poverty? We all know the material poverty, the one that is characterized by the lack of material resources in relation to the satisfaction of essential human needs. Nutrition, having clothes on, living under a roof and health safety.  

Such poverty is the most dangerous as it menaces the life itself and the dignity of the person. Still today millions of people live with an amount of less than 1,90 dollar a day.

However, another poverty exists and has no material nature: this poverty is in relation to the quality of life, the amount and the quality of the leisure time, the access to culture, education, social inclusion and a satisfying job.  

This poverty is thin and invisible and also people living in countries with an elevated GDP may not experiment conditions of general (material and spiritual) well-being.

The fight against all poverty and ending it is a fundamental goal to ensure a future as well as a possible present to civilization.  

In the Rete 7 tv studios, on May 24th, the YouFM 2018 meeting will take place and will focus on the themes of economic sustainable development in the world of business companies. Viero Negri, Sara Cirone, Alessandro Curti, Paolo Di Marco and Andrea Segrè will speak about it.







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