How Rwanda was born. From Theatre to Movie

rwuandaRwanda: an African country, the civil war, but also much more than this. Before it became a movie, it was only a performance on the stage: the final version of a project that is historic because it was animated, as a starting and final point, by the concept of person.

We are here exactly for this reason: because today, Saturday 30th July, the press conference announces the show of Marco Cortesi and Mara Moschini will become a movie. A movie about the story of people who are victims. A movie about the collaboration that makes it possible, a film connecting art with life and life with the community.

We illustrated the heart of the project Rwanda (and of the civic theatre) is the concept of person. What are, in fact, the human history and the world if not the interweaving of lives of people? In turn, these are the result of existences, of individual and collective stories, crossing and taking turns on the big stage of reality.

It can be considered rhetoric to say that, but maybe it is not. Any action is deeply immersed in the stories of the persons because it is itself the result of their existence. People are interrelated together, as well as relations in the territory and the cooperation itself: the life of the community realizes itself in this strictly personal horizon.

From the individual and episodic public event, to the company: in the end, the whole community is expressed in its people. We can wonder, as Marco Cortesi and Mara Moschini do every time, which is the only part common to all persons which is able to make them unique, distinguishable and really as they are. The answer to this question is the choice to be who they are. The choice of who they can be, of who they must be, but also of who they want to be.

In the current historical and economic horizon, it is up to them to tell us and narrate the story of personal existences. Through the civil theater, dramatic plays speak to us, ultimately, and explain a very important and even decisive concept: responsibility. Because responsibility is the choice to act as you want to be and how you want the world to be.

Action, responsibility, choice. We talked about this and, suddenly, it is immediately clear how everything is a circular and an important return so that, finally, nothing changes if we talk of movies, theater, community or corporate business world: we are always talking about the same reality, where – at its centre – the person is situated.

This is the reason because Sara Cirone chose to promote and support Rwanda: because the choice to be responsible and be here to express our own freedom is the heart of social and business culture. Furthermore, because, after all, we believe freedom has a dimension and that this is not boundless, but oriented by responsibility.

Sara Cirone decided to promote and support Rwanda: where a person is present, also a community is present and a community needs responsibility for performing a good choice.

Today Sara Cirone has chosen to say “yes”. Yes to Rwanda and yes to intangible values which, through the movie, change in a tangible and usable reality to reach a large public.

This movie talks about people. An authentic, free, responsible movie. Exactly as the kind of action we have in mind.





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