“Giving up on investing in people to get more immediate profits is a bad business for the society”. By these words, Francis Pope, in his Encyclical Laudato sì, expresses his concern about the role of the human capital in the current economic system. It’s hoped that this model will be revised in the light of a new paradigm which understands that the real innovation is in finding an immaterial long-term value for everyone, where usually an immediate material value is sought. And to do this a maieutic anthropological gaze is necessary. That is to say the businessman and the society in general are really innovators when they rise again the person, the worker, when they find a value where it was supposed it didn’t exist. In fact, the companies and the communities that today are growing are those who are able to turn problems into opportunities, to make the talents of the persons flourish, thus becoming a value for the whole society. This is the sustainable economy.

The human capital. The relationships in the organisations.
Is about these issues the next meeting of the roadshow “For the Common Good” promoted by Sara Cirone Group Benefit Society in partnership with the Corriere of Cesena, the catholic weeklies magazines and with the patronage of The Economy of Francesco, of Emilia Romagna Region and of the Italian Alliance for the Sustainable Development. The event, that will be plastic-free, will take place in Cesena on Tuesday 3 March at 18.00 at the Sala Cacciaguerra and it will be entitled “The human capital. The relationships in the organisations.”
After the introductory greetings from Enzo Lattuca, Mayor of the municipality of Cesena, and from S.E. Mons. Douglas Regattieri, Bishop of Cesena-Sarsina, there will be a panel discussion which will be attended by Francesco Marinelli, the Secretary General of CISL Emilia Romagna, Isabella Covili Faggioli, National President of AIDP, Rocco De Lucia, Siropack Italia, Giancarlo Petrini, General Director of the Credito Cooperativo Romagnolo, Sara Cirone, Founder of the Benefit Society Sara Cirone Group. The moderator of the meeting will be Francesco Zanotti, Directod of the Corriere Cesenate newspaper.

The importance of the relationships
The discussion will point out that it’s the relationships among persons, companies and territories which determines the value for the community, the environment and the civilisation.
According to the point of view of Francis Pope, from which flows the discussion of the whole roadshow, which is the introduction to the event “The economy of Francesco” which will take place in Assisi the 26-27 March, the work is a primary source of dignity. So, there is a pressing need to build a worthy society, which is able to combine scientific-technological progress and reemployment of workers that are not immediately employable because of sudden transformations, but that through an adapted plan of further training can be back to work for the community. So, it’s necessary to accelerate and to set in the centre of the discussion of the working world a new challenge for institutions, companies, organisations, namely the adoption of new solidarity patterns which basically have a strong and collaborative network among persons, companies, institutions, organisations and territories.

A crucial issue
It’s a subject vital for communities and the whole society because it has to deal with the hunger of life, the dignity, the vital energy that is the decisive driving force for the economic and social development.
We must recover the model of integral ecology that characterized also the monks’ work in abbeys, where the human capital was the important success factor because it considered the work as a perfect connection between the “humanistic” and the material aspects and it integrated in a harmonious way with the environment.
Only then can we rebuild living communities, with common dreams and with a development which is sustainable from all points of view.

Concrete deeds
During the meetings of the 3 March in Cesena, we will see how it’s possible to implement concrete solutions which can create future, deeds that will be realised together, in an ardent network of vitality to restore hope and new life to companies, to the workers working in it and to the whole society.





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