Interview with Paolo di Marco – Speaker at the 2018 YouFM Convention

You are active in the strategic and directional consultancy (addressed to companies of various fields and public administrations), as well as you are a teacher at the Bologna Business School, in the areas of Management Control and Management Strategy with the GMP, General Management Program, Didactic Direction, and a Professor at the Alma Mater Studiorum (Professor in the Degree Course “Management and Marketing” for the subject “Economics and Management of Companies” and in the Master’s Degree in Corporate Direction for the subject “Project Management”).

In your opinion, why can the simultaneous commitment in the different activities of teaching and consulting be positive?

These are two activities that integrate and complete each other. Teaching as a Professor needs a continuous research, deepening and study of phenomena in the field of companies. The consultancy allows us to verify the feasibility of the problem-solving with the solutions offered to the client. It appears to me that there is a natural relationship between teaching and consulting which can only bring positive results.

What is the significance that nowadays the teaching activity involves? According to you, how has the role of Professor changed for the new generations?

We have been facing the necessity of a redefinition of the role of a Professor for more than 20 years. Only who has interpreted correctly this commitment as a profession / mission for his students can notice nowadays a real reconstruction and regeneration of the role. I can resume my way of thinking with a simple but significant difference: some teachers tell you what they know, while others tell you what you need.

How will change the world of companies in the next future?

The world of companies will change following two main distinctions: the companies that will actively focus on their core business of well-being of their system and the companies that will be passively guided by the events and the contexts, thus undergoing the change. Without any doubt, however, all the companies will be necessarily affected.





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