Interview with Viero Negri

1 – You are the manager of the YouFM companies network. Why the decision to adhere to this network concept that today has become fundamental in our society?

ON 1st August 2013, YouFM, that is the acronym of Unconventional Facility Management, was founded. It was composed by seven business companies of the field of Facility Management. They were selected among the top-players of the market. The YouFM network aims at showing its professionalism in the distribution of high quality services: the concept of selectivity has become essential for us. The selectivity is in relation to several factors such as the capability and the quality in the distribution of the core services, the consistency of the business company and high attention to the values of being a business company. Our network has realized the “The Card of values and ethical code” as a first document. We have also decided to collaborate to its elaboration as it contained those values that are shared deeply by all of us. In this way, we realized that being ethical and sustainable business companies was our fundamental and inalianable principle.

2 – Can you explain to us the positive effects that the network can develop for its members and for the external stakeholders, too, to whom services and activities are addressed?

The first positive effects are the ones perceived by the final client. In fact, he can uniquely dedicate himself to his activity, without taking care of the distribution of the no-core services. Hence the full satisfaction of the client, who develops a loyal, collaborative and valuable relationship with the employees and collaborators. Working positively in a business company creates satisfied persons. As a consequence, working at the very best with full satisfaction, everyone gives more productive performances.

3 – What do you expect that will change or happen in terms of sensitivity and perceived social level with the YouFM event “Sharing your business company”, the fourth meeting of YouFM?

The main message that YouFM aims at communicating in its meetings is the possibility to be and act as a business company in an incresingly ethical and responsible way, respecting people, territories and all the stakeholders. The YouFM meeting on next 24th May will be focused on the sustainability and the circular economy. The speakers will participate with their contribution for the sensibilization on these important themes by giving their concrete, real, tangible and achievable experience, without any useless loss of time.  

4 – SaraCironeGroup is among your partners and, during the preparation and the event itself  “Sharing Your Business Company” an intense collaboration has been developed. Which are the reasons and the similarity of vision to connect YouFM with SaraCironeGroup?

The business companies that are members of YouFM are excellent and virtuous. The business companies are composed of people that share the same values and communicate them to the companies that they represent: the circle must be perfect. Sara Cirone has been working for years on the themes of sustainability in the business companies and the communication of intangible values, also in connection with the Goals of the UN 2030 Agenda, both in business and institutional contexts.

5 – In your opinion, what is next for YouFM after the meeting that will soon take place?

YouFM will continue its development in both the business and communication of business values perspectives. The most immaterial and virtuous objective is the diffusion and communication of the values of an ethical and responsible business company. First of all, we develop this objective through our behavior in the YouFM network as well as during the annual meeting. Usually organized in May, it is addressed to the modalities to be an ethical and responsible business company. From here, it also derives the idea of the creation of a permanent scientific committee composed by Sara Cirone, Averardo Orta and me. Its President will be Prof. Paolo di Marco.





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