Rwanda, the Film: a picture of our society?

We are here, in Venice, and the 91 minutes of the film are full of that truth and grievance of a healthy nature, because it enlightens us, it makes us evolve in everyday choices for us and the others.

The docu-film Rwanda lands at the Autors’ Days in Venice. A climax for the values promoted in this film, such values that ever since the beginning Sara Cirone Group has shared and embraced in actively supporting the production of this film

The film première of Rwanda, co-directed by Riccardo Salvetti (movie director) alongside  actors Marco Cortesi and Mara Moschini, who already staged the same story in theatres, will be held on Saturday September 1st at 09.00 p.m. and then on September 2nd and 3rd at the Auditorium Santa Elisabetta al Lido, within the frame of the Festival del Cinema di Venezia 2018.

In such a debated period of our Country and beyond, the humanitarian subject of civil war, genocide, dictatorships in the name of death, appears to be a tragic leit-motiv, which permeate our lives, already far too questioned on the legitimacy of an obsolete, rotten concept of well-being, likely to have entered in an endemic state of crisis.

Our identities are lost in the concepts of a system where our actions are preliminarily merged in a pre-fixed and coded path, whose more striking and certain effect on our lives is predictability. Not unlike soldiers of an army, whose roles are decided and sanctified and no concept of freedom is viable, no options, no choice to inspire what should drive the human action.

Rwanda tell the story of a man who might have held on to the behavioural codes of his own society but chose to behave in a different way: he chose life instead of death. Such a choice is not just a fictional detail, it rather gives a meaning to the life of a true man, real and genuine, an example of what is possible doing in order to break the chain of pre-established acts within a system and start a different story.

It is worth remembering that this year we are celebrating the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I for our Country: a war in which soldiers fought from opposite sides a conflict, which jeopardized the concept of life itself.

This year, also, we celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. In the early days after World War II, the United Nations promoted the draft of a Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the first one ever to establish the individual, civil, political, economic, social, cultural rights of each individual.

In such a context, Rwanda not only casts some light on the war on an African country, but also on the concept of war itself and especially on the concept of choice and responsibility.

Such are the values that Sara Cirone Group Benefit Company intends to support: no civilization is possible without choice and responsibility. Eventually, a society of people that decides not to choose, acting without meditating on things, under somebody else’s command, and just ready to adhere promptly to somebody else’s will, (a monarch or a banal system diktat), makes its people become pawns on a chessboard, absolutely far from their self-assessment.

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