SaraCirone Group and Valore Tricolore

June 6th 2017. In the location of Punta Marina, a press conference introduced the aeronautic event taking place on June 8th (flight show) and June 9th from 3,30pm at the Ravenna seaside, with epicenter in the sea along the Punta Marina Terme beach. This event is organized by a Non-Professional and Non-Profit Sports Association, the Francesco Baracca Aero Club in Lugo di Romagna.

SaraCirone Group’s choice has been to support this event. Let’s now see the reasons why.

Our values

The main value Valore Tricolore highlights is the territory both as cultural system and strategic resource, which is also the core value of SaraCirone Group and its ideal starting point for a relaunch of companies’ evolution, based on a new cultural awareness. In this sense, we actively participate to the communication and transmission of the essential relationship between territory and culture. In this space, companies, citizens and institutions collaborate in synergy realizing a circular and virtuous connection between responsibilities and tasks in a unique and inclusive spirit of brotherhood and peace.

Excellence and leading forces of the territory

Similarly, SaraCirone Group decided to join the event Valore Tricolore with the intention to celebrate identity and association with that heritage of shared values at the basis of the concept of being Italian. The meaning of our purpose is the awareness of the excellence of our country, with the aim to communicate and highlight the leading forces of the territory and its natural, cultural and entrepreneurial heritage, thus giving an economic development and wellbeing perspective to the territory.
SaraCirone Group’s belief is wellbeing is a precondition for the evolution of civilization.

The reasons why Valore Tricolore

The activity of SaracCirone Group operates in its double commitment in companies and their territory, fields which are potentially different, but similar in values. With the aim to give back to territories their proper decisive competitivity, everyone of us should be aware of local resources and people who are directly involved in their communication.

We strongly believe in the necessity of supporting an event able to gather audience in a celebration addressed to the awareness of the strengths within the framework of the local territory.

Starting from this point, our aim is to inaugurate a renewed competitiveness addressing to the full exploitation of the undoubtful excellence we are positively capable of. This is the concrete expression of local unexpressed or already expressed capabilities.

Valore Tricolore and the economic development

This aeronautic show involving Frecce Tricolori, Forze Armate and many stakeholders aims to estabilish itself as a recurring and yearly event, to identify local culture values and bring them to a shared and diffused level. Furthermore, it also aims at supporting a general strategic perspective for a sustainable economic development of the territory.

In this way, it is possible to create an identity awareness of an Italian, national, solidal and fully inclusive culture in full compliance with our shared sustainable perspective which is essential for the local community.

In conclusion, our purpose is to participate in an event highlighting the activity of flight, always present in mankind’s dreams as a metaphor and symbol of the aspiration towards the evolution and the authenticity of our civilization.





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