Stafer hits the second place at the Oscars of Balance Statements – Special Award Best Integrated Report

Stafer hits the second place at the Oscars of Balance Statements – Special Award Best Integrated Report by   Andrea Ragazzini.
Thursday 23rd November 2017, at 6 pm. The Celebration of the 2017 Oscar of Balance Statements Awards (53rd Edition) has taken place at Borsa Italiana. During the First Edition of the Special Award for the 2017 Best Italian Integrated Report, among the 17 candidates, Stafer S.p.A. has been classified at the second place, in equal merit with Unicredit Group.
The winner is “Aspiag Service – Despar Nordest”, that has already been awarded for its Integrated Report by the Institut du Capitalisme Responsable in Paris on last 10th October.
The Special Award for the Best 2017 Italian Integrated Report.
This is the first ad hoc European Award for this form of corporate accounting that has been rapidly diffusing and configuring as a future new trend of reference for the accounting of the intangible and tangible elements in the business organization management. The institution of this special award is in collaboration between FERPI and NIBR – Italian Network for Business Reporting is derived. The principles of evaluation that have been adopted have been previously approved by the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) of London. This institution issued the global reference in this subject: the 2013 International Framework of Integrated Reporting.
An extraordinary event
The Oscar of Balance Award is a prestigious form of recognition of the value of the Integrated Report. In fact, it is an innovative corporate practice with the capability to change the perspective with significant importance. This also represents a new modality of view and life of the business organization that becomes the community where staying and living becomes possible. The business company finally becomes the place where real life flows and is immersed in a sharing and participating relation with all the territory.
However, in addition to this relevant change, the Integrated Report can be interpreted as a technical instrument of the highest value with the capability to support the management practice in the effective management of the business organization. Furthermore, it also guarantees transparency and sharing of the information that have been provided to all the corporate stakeholders. The value produced by a business organization and the tangible and intangibles elements allowing its creation become the key factors in the Integrated Report, which is the concrete representation of the essential values for the orientation of our society. This form of accounting has been increasingly diffusing and – at the same time – has passed from an emerging technique to a key factor of the entire civilization.

What the Integrated Report means
The Integrated Report is the new informational instrument with the objective to illustrate the modality and the basis of a business organization creating value in the short, medium and long term. This aim is pursued by the analysis of different aspects of the corporate management. From the point of view of the specific contents, the Integrated Report is subdivided in seven sections: the presentation of the organization and the external ambience, the governance, the business model, the risks and the opportunity, the positioning of the resources, the performances and the future perspectives. The Integrated Report contains new notions of Capital, such as Financial Capital, Material and Infrastructural Capital, Human Capital, Organisational Capital, Social and Relational Capital, Natural Capital: they are at the basis of the value creation in the business organization. This diversification of capitals is contained in the concept of performance, which does not analyse only the financial capital, but also all the above mentioned aspects. In particular, it follows the distinction between “Output” (the direct results of the activity of the organization) and “Outcome” (the effects of the activities on the six forms of the Capitals used for their realization). The connectivity of the information is another important element of the Integrated Report: it helps the assessment of the more significant relation between the financial and non-financial data (we can also say that they can be considered more material in this view).
Stafer Integrated Report
This extraordinary Award winning event includes even a more excellent result: the recognition of the Stafer Integrated Report in the number of the finalist and most important business organizations. In fact, completing an Integrated Report is an unusual choice for a business organization that is part of the small and medium local enterprises such as Stafer.
The download of the 2016 Stafer Integrated Report is available here.

The Humanistic Management of the Business Organization
The necessity of a new vision of a humanistic corporate management has been a choice of courage and conviction. In this form of management, the financial accounting accompanies a further accounting on the non-financial and intangible aspects that contribute together to the corporate value creation. Therefore, this represents a systemic vision of management that uses the Integrated Report as an instrument for the transparency of the non-financial information and of the processes of value creation.
The image of Stafer that emerges from the Integrated Report is the one of a Business organization where the organisational coherence is important and contains the objectives, values, needs of its market and strong traceability of its information, a good codification of the corporate know-how and a great attention to the evolution of the society.
In this humanistic view of the management, man participates in many systems (such as the business organization and the territory) where its action takes significance. For this reason, the business organization becomes a living ambience as well as the community, natural, human, intellectual and intangible world.

A modality of communication to stakeholders
According to Stafer, the communication of this view to its own stakeholders is fundamental: employees, workforce, partners, management, suppliers, clients, trade-unions, territory, municipalities, associations and all the other subjects that are part of the area where the business  organization operates every day.
The identity of Stafer has been expressed exactly in this way. In the modality of communication to its stakeholders, Stafer narrated its reality with the help of an instrument of communication capable to express a local reality while following an international frame. The identity communicated by the Integrated Report is the one of a participated business organization where every day people’s most precious, personal and unique contribution is realized. Therefore, the Integrated Report of Stafer gives concreteness to the concept of a business organization as a collective good to communicate to the community.
The award of the Integrated Report to Stafer is the testimony of an innovative process in the management. We are all assisting to the advent of a humanistic management. A management that is attentive to the people, the territory, the culture, the local community and to everyone’s significant contribution.

Stafer has followed the evolution of the legislative international and national panorama towards a positive and constant innovation of civilization.
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