The School of the Territory and the Corporate Social Responsibility Award

img_2078_fotorFriday 23rd September. During the press conference at the headquarters of the Chamber of Commerce of Ravenna, the project of the School of the Territory is officially presented. It is supported by the Chamber of Commerce of Ravenna and the Emilia-Romagna Region.


The subject to support the promotion and realization of this project is the PLEF (Planet, Life, Economy Foundation) Foundation. Since 2003, it has been in charge of proposing a Strategic Model of Management intended for any type of organization and of implementing the principles of sustainability in connection with what are the real expectations of citizens and consumers in the area.

The PLEF Delegation of Emilia-Romagna has been existing since 2013: it disseminates the values of PLEF and acts as an ideal entity coordinating institutions, enterprises and local communities.

Today PLEF announces the birth of the School of the Territory, a training program specifically realized for businessmen of Small and Medium Enterprises of Romagna in order to make their companies more competitive and with an added value obtained through the identification of the unique strengths and exclusive characteristics in the context in which they operate.

The Beneficiary Subjects

The School of the Territory is intended for businessmen of Small and Medium Enterprises in the area: the PLEF model will help them to create value, social welfare and competitiveness.

The proposed itinerary is of experiential training, focusing on a learning that directly involves the participants (we inform you, in this regard, the available seats are 12).

What happens is the combination of cultural and economic itineraries with original strategic analysis instruments. This helps to understand our territory identifying which are its unique points of strength and identifying those elements that are critical for both an economic and social development.

Corporate Social Responsibility Award

Together with the School of the Territory, the press conference has also launched the second edition of the Corporate Social Responsibility Award called “Responsible Innovators.” In this way, the Emilia-Romagna Region adds value to the contribution that its companies have brought through their responsible and sustainable development innovation practices in consideration and following the 17 goals that the United Nations General Assembly indicated in the Agenda 2030.

In many ways, institutions, companies, communities collaborate and cooperate to realize an idea of economy that is sustainable, starting with those unique and exclusive resources that reside and are located in these territories.

PLEF and Emilia-Romagna Region collaborate together to communicate and implement the principles of sustainable thinking in order to translate it into virtuous and circular practices connecting enterprises with institutions and people with territory.

Involving everybody in this action, achieving results for everybody.





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