Wellbeing. A Shared Corporate Pratice

18th May. Sharing and living your Company. Wellbeing? Instructions Manual is the event we attended on May 18th. The conference, organized by Viero Negri, Manager of YouFM, Bologna Business Network for corporate facility management, was held at the Telesanterno / Odeon TV television studios, and dealt with the concept of well-being declined and related to the specific corporate context.

All speeches agreed wellbeing is essential in man’s life, both at home and at work.

According to Mauro Sirani Fornasini, Bologna Philip Morris Manufacturing & Technology Spa AD, a definition of wellbeing is important: it is the spiritual condition of wellness. Therefore, companies should create the proper environment for individual expression and wellness. «Words should be changed in their use – Philip Morris AD added – and human resources should be not called employees as in the past, but people».

According to Paolo di Marco, University of Bologna Economy Professor and PDFOR Founder and Business Partner, wellbeing is important for university students. Professors have the responsibility of «discovering individual talent – di Marco stressed – (…): incentives should be an extra reward for professors’ valorization of students’ talents».

Valeriana Mariani, Donna Impresa and DI.International Women Founder and CEO, highlighted the value of listening, sharing, being free of expressing who we really are, also in our genuine femininity, in a context of wellbeing and company’s cohesion: «we should not try to be someone who we are not only for the necessity to be accepted. (…) Today women – Donna Impresa Founder concluded – request to be people».

Livio Sgarbi, Sport Champions’ Coach, EKIS Business Partner and Founder, explained psychophysical wellbeing is essential for both sportsmen and workers. wellbeing is mental and physical freedom: our individual energy harmonizing with others works as the driving force of aim, vision and creation cycle. «Mind should be trained and educated to force its own nature, as it tends to be conservative and to prevent risks. However, we know well – Sgarbi continued – goal is our aim and we should accept risks. In fact, options in life are to grow up or to die».

Alfredo Saggioro, MD and Surgeon, Medical Science and Functional Nutrition Expert, illustrated the theme of a proper diet within and outside the company: food influences health conditions and its quality creates wellbeing. Fresh and biological food as well as work environment influences lifetime of our organism, which can live for 120 or 140 years.

Claudio Bighinati, Confindustria Emilia-Romagna President, reported the opinion of Confindustria and its observatory: welfare is a relevant and contemporary theme beyond the human resources and innovation. Social responsibility is a strategic element for every company, already developed in small and medium companies, but still to be enhanced in public sector (except in Emilia-Romagna, where a welfare plan exists).

Valentina Sangiorgi,  Ranstad Chief HR Officer, noticed the absence of a separation between life at work and at home as a consequence of advanced technologies. It would be necessary to regain an individual dimension.


The first theme to emerge was the necessity of a definition of wellbeing: a spiritual condition  needing to find its way of expression. Contexts where individual lives should be adequate for reaching of this condition. In a company, this leads to more added value creation and, as a consequence, becomes also strategical. Wellbeing is thus part of business company’s practice of social responsibility to be shared through several initiatives and contributing to people’s awareness.

Wellbeing and the Individual

The concept of individual is situated at the centre of the concept of wellbeing. Similarly, the individual is situated at the centre of the concept of company, too. Therefore, in this view, the sustainable perspective puts again clearly the person at its centre and, for this reason, it changes the business context: for the first time, the realization of the concept of wellbeing becomes essential.

And this is a possible way to realize a shared practice generating cohesion and harmony in the corporate community.

A context of Civilization

Civilization builds itself through social meanings, which have been created and made available for people to use in a shared process, thus facilitating the awareness of evolution and social innovation.

Exactly in the same way, we imagine the business company as a social space supporting people’s meetings and shared experiences, contributing to a personal and social enhancement. Within a company, initiatives aim at renovating social definitions, which are available for people in order to play a concrete and substantial part in our economic sustainable perspective.


A Holistic Concept of Wellbeing

In this view, we can imagine wellbeing as one of such experiences capable to bring back authenticity to the people in the company. Beyond a traditional concept of material remuneration, our idea is to embrace an immaterial remuneration perspective (quality of life, quality, cohesion, dignity and importance to every person) with the capability to involve, like wellbeing does, various individual dimensions (including the strictly material one and the cultural, civil, environmental, spiritual ones).

Sustainable perspective promotes a holistic, complete and integral concept of wellbeing addressed to personal and social enhancement.


Wellbeing in a Sustainable Perspective

This specific interpretation of wellbeing is in full compliance with the ONU 2030 Agenda (Global Agenda for the Sustainable Development). Particularly, it adheres to the aim to stop starvation and improve the quality of our nutrition through a sustainable agriculture (sustainable production) for everyone’s health and well-being (sustainable consumption). Education on these themes is essentially important: we provide quality training and inclusive learning addressed to everybody (the corresponding ONU goals are the number 2,3,4,12,15).

SaraCironeGroup agreed to support the wellbeing perspective as it represents a new acquisition people’s awareness. We know well this can be the only premise capable to be translated into our and other people’s practice. This leads to a new personal responsibility attribution: the starting point of a civilization with more freedom and awareness.





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