When the Music Narrates Our Territory

img_3223Our territory is the most precious resource we have. We know this well. Territory means history, culture and sensitivity. It also means stories, those of the people who inhabit it, who live and act in it everyday.

Among all the possible stories, we want to talk about of this musical group having emerged and established itself. It originated precisely in our Faenza. Therefore, we are talking of the band called Witchwood.

If their debut was with Litanies From The Woods (2015), in a few days the Witchwood will perform their new album Handful of Stars, where together with three new tracks two cover songs appear, showing this band felt the tribute to other bands allied in their poetic mission was the right artistic decision.

The presentation of a new artist in training, the celebration of estimated groups that from other itineraries have managed to occupy the scene of the same music genre, everything accompanied by a video clip: just to start, the new album condenses all this.

We know where cultural dynamism exists also the most living material exists and allows us to know that in this territory not only now, in the present, but also tomorrow, there will be a real chance to build a set of voices which all together and only if in harmony will tell us the history is made up of countless stories.

Last night in Forlì at the X-Ray pub, the concert of Witchwood really got us excited and involved, making us support this group of six young artists with great talent and perspectives… Good luck!





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